Manual / Garis Panduan

Audit Kualiti Dalaman

Garis Panduan Pelaksanaan Audit Kualiti Dalaman UTHM 2020 clipart2749262

Kemasukan Maklumat Beban Staf Akademik (SPBA)

Panduan Beban Tugas Staf Akademik

Manual Penggunaan SPBA V3

Penilaian Pengajaran Staf Akademik dan Kursus (SPARK)

Manual for SPARK's Evaluation

Permohonan Program Akademik Baharu

Garis Panduan Pembangunan Progam Akademik Universiti Awam Edisi Kedua

National Education Code (NEC) 

Code of Practice for Programme Accreditation (COPPA v2)

- Malaysia Qualification Frameworks (MQF v2)

Manual EAC 2020 Engclipart2749262

Manual ETAC 2020 Eng. Technology clipart2749262

 - Manual ETAC 2020 Eng. Technician clipart2749262

- Manual TTAC 2019


Permohonan Akreditasi 

Instructions to HEP on Submission

MQA Circular - Pekeliling MQA Bil. 5 2017 COPPA Ed 2

MQA-01-2017 Form (Provisional Accreditation)

MQA-02-2017 Form (Full Accreditation)

Course Information Template (Excel) (Table 4 In MQA-01 & MQA-02, 2017)

Evaluation Instrument of COPPA 2nd Edition (2017) (Excel) 

Manual for Evaluation Instrument of COPPA 2nd Edition (2017) 


Modul Akademik

Garis Panduan Modul P&P UTHM



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