Learning & Teaching Matters Related to COVID-19 MCO
01.   For academic semester affected by COVID-19 Movement Control Order, is it true that a course can be given a grade with at least 70% summative assessment
and intended learning outcomes are achieved?
02.   Students have to provide declaration on their own's work. Is there a specific template of declaration to be used?
Please refer to course instructor/ academic staff for format of student declaration. Each faculty should have personalised template.
03.  What is the duration of open-book final examination?
Duration of exam depends on factors such as level of difficulty of questions, marks allocated, available resources, and guidelines on online assessment. It should also be constructively aligned with CLOs to be assessed and allocated course SLT.
fron-end-development-icon-2.pngDepartment of Academic Programme Development  
01.   What are the stages of an academic programme development?
02.   How long does it takes for a new academic programme to be approved and can be offered?
New academic programme normally takes a minimum of one (1) year to be approved by Ministry of Education (MoE). Prior to MoE approval, the proposed programme must be approved by MQA and University Senate. Duration of new academic programme development and approval largely depends on faculty teamwork and approval processes by various agencies. 
icon5-01.pngDepartment of Academic Programme Accreditation
01.   Why should an academic programme be accredited and be registered in the Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR)?
If an academic programme is not granted full accreditation and registered under MQR, graduates will face the following consequences
a.  Transfer credit is not allowed.
b.  Graduates of the programme would not be able to enroll in further education locally or internationally.
c.  Graduates would not be considered into civil service appointment. 
d.  Graduates would not be considered in financial assistance application. 
e.  Graduates would face challenges in securing a job. 
02.   Does an academic programme accredited by professional body has to comply with Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) as well?
audit-icon.png Department of Institutional Quality Management
01.   What is the frequency of MS ISO 9001:2015 audit?
Audit by SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) Berhad is an annual event. It can be categorized as either Recertification Audit or Surveillance Audit.
Meanwhile, internal audit by CAD is also carried out annually to help faculty in preparation towards SIRIM audit.
02.   Where can I obtained UTHM MS ISO 9001:2015 procedures?

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